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This RENTAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES confirms the terms and conditions to which the Organization/Company named on the RESERVATION FORM (hereinafter referred to as RENTER) agrees to rent the stage provided by TastyHouse Rentals LLC (hereinafter referred to as THR). 


SAFETY/OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: ONLY THR Operators may set-up, move, or disassemble the stage and canopy. This is to reduce the likelihood of damage to the stage and injuries resulting from improper set-up. NO individuals or groups will be allowed to pick up, set-up, or move the stage on their own. Plan approximately 2 hours for set-up and 2 hours for strike.  


DELIVERY: THR Operators will deliver, set up, and strike/remove the stage, and any additional equipment or packing materials, at the approximately specified times. The stage requires an open 30’ x 30’ space with 20’ vertical clearance. If in doubt as to whether the stage will fit where you want it, you may ask that a THR Operator inspect the site for you prior to the event. If on the day of the event the stage does not fit, the RENTAL DEPOSIT is non-refundable. Any damage to the site, grass, or ground where the stage is used will be the responsibility of the RENTER. At the time of delivery, the RENTER will be asked to sign an INVOICE, showing the remaining rental fee balance, and indicating the allocation of risk to the RENTER. At the time of strike/removal, an inventory of all rental equipment will be taken and any damages will be assessed.


RISK DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: The use of any mobile stage entails both known and unknown risks including, but not limited to, physical injury from falling, slipping, crashing or colliding, emotional injury, paralysis, distress, damage or death to any participant.


  • The use of drugs, alcohol, weapons, or pyrotechnics while using the mobile stage may result in injury or death.

  • Performers and audience members may be severely injured in the event of stage diving, “mosh pit” dancing, acrobatics on the stage or staircase, or other unruly behavior.

  • Performers could trip or fall on any items placed on stage, resulting in physical injury or destruction of property. This includes, but is not limited to, amps, mic stands, cables, cable ramps, rugs, pedals, instruments, props, costumes, and other performers.

  • Wet conditions could result in slick surfaces, which may lead to falling, slipping, and/or physical injury.

  • Horseplay, wrestling, pushing, and disorientation could cause a performer to fall from the stage, which may result in severe injury or death.  


SPECIFIC RULES AND INSTRUCTIONS: The following rules and warnings must be obeyed in the use of the stage.


  • The RENTER is responsible for security of the stage and supervision of persons during the entire rental period.

  • Site Security must be present for the duration of the rental. At NO TIME shall the stage be left unsecured.

  • All equipment must be removed and vacated from the stage within 1 hour at the scheduled conclusion of the event. Failure to vacate the stage by the appointed time may result in additional fees if not approved by a THR Operator.

  • Possession and/or use of firearms, weapons, fireworks, alcohol, and tobacco/marijuana are prohibited on the stage. 

  • The stage shall not be used for the purpose of dispensing refreshments, including all foods and beverages. 

  • Do not crawl under the stage when stage is in use.

  • Do not slide chairs, tables, mic stands, or other equipment on the stage surface, as this can result in damage.

  • At NO time will the equipment weight on the truss canopy exceed 400lbs (uniform load).

  • ONLY THR Operators may attach banners to the canopy.  Contact THR for a quote on a customized banner package.

  • The RENTER is responsible to make sure no one puts nails/screws, etc. into the stage or damages the stage in any way.


DAMAGES/CARE OF RENTAL EQUIPMENT: It is agreed that the RENTER shall be responsible for any damage to the stage while it is under the control of the RENTER. Damages for which the RENTER is responsible include, but are not limited to, scratches, holes, tape residue, or other damages to floors, jacks, or stairs, cutting or tearing of soft goods, bending/breaking of truss, damage to the L-16 lifts, damage due to overturning, overloading, exceeding rated capacities, breakage, improper use, abuse, lack of cleaning, contamination of or dirtying of rental equipment with non-approved items such as chemicals, food, paint, silly string, mud, clay, fake blood, and other materials. NO nails, screws, adhesives, signs, banners, curtains, flags, set pieces, additional staging/platforms, etc. are to be attached to the interior or exterior of the stage without THR approval.  Renter may NOT apply adhesives, other than spike tape and gaffer tape, to the stage floor. This includes duct, electrical, and/or masking tape.


DAMAGES DEPOSIT: There is a $100 refundable DAMAGES DEPOSIT required that must be paid at the time the rental agreement is signed. The DAMAGES DEPOSIT may be refunded either in full or part minus any expenses for damages, losses, cleaning expenses, extra rental time, extraordinary maintenance or repairs, and all charges deemed necessary after inspection at the end of the event. Refunds are processed within one week after your event. If your organization intends to book multiple event dates over a period of time, you may request that THR hold your DAMAGES DEPOSIT in the form of a check or credit card on file until the end of your rental season, or until the time at which the deposit is applied toward clean up or damages.


INSURANCE POLICY: The RENTAL AGREEMENT contains a general release/indemnity/hold harmless clause that goes into effect immediately after all parties sign. In addition to this signed document, proof of liability coverage ($1,000,000.00) indicating TastyHouse Rentals LLC as an additional insured party may be required prior to use of the stage. The RENTER is to provide a Certificate of Insurance naming TastyHouse Rentals LLC as additional insured and loss payee.


For questions regarding insurance, visit the following link for further information: - !insurance-resources/vqrgl


ELECTICAL SYSTEM: The stage does not have its own power source, and does not require any electrical power to set-up.  The RENTER must provide power if needed for additional lighting and audio equipment.


WEATHER: THR cannot guarantee weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule your rental prior to delivery if severe weather conditions are imminent, or if we have any reason to believe that the canopy, stage, and/or its users may be in danger. Some examples of severe weather are high winds exceeding 30mph, excessive rain, hail, and lightning. As with any stage, severe weather, high winds, or overloading of the stage can cause the stage structure or canopy to fail. In the event of severe weather, high winds, or overloading, the RENTER acknowledges that they are responsible for assisting participants to seek safe shelter NOT on or UNDER the stage structure. The RENTER agrees to keep and maintain safety rules for crowd control and to assume any and all risk of injury arising out of the stage failure due to improper use or severe weather.


WARNING: It is unsafe to stay on the stage when lightning is within 5 miles. Have all persons exit the stage and seek safe shelter. Do not use the stage or any of its parts as shelter for inclement weather. The metal stage parts may act as lightning conductors and have the potential to cause severe injury and/or death. 


RETURNED CHECK POLICY: In the event that a check is returned to THR for insufficient funds, customer agrees to pay the total rental balance as well as an additional $25 cash fee to THR immediately upon notice. 


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